HYPERIAL – Blood And Dust

(30 sierpnia 2014, napisał: Prezes)

HYPERIAL – Blood And Dust

Lista Utworów:
01. The Plague Of The Used Masses

02. In The Abyss Of Madness

03. Gehenna Upon His Feet

04. Civilization Dies

05. By The Alley Of Silence

06. The Picture Of Deformed Bodies

07. In The Desert Of Dementia

08. Human In Psychosis Relentless

09. Till The End Of His Days

10. Luciferion (Tower cover)



Music by Hyperial except „Luciferion” Written by Tower

Concept & Lyrics by Grochu

Recorded In 666 Studio, Poland – January/February 2014

Mixed & Mastered In 666 Studio, Poland – May/June 2014

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Michał Grabowski

Cover Art And All Graphics by KISAW

Graphic Matching by blackteammedia.pl

Hyperial Logo by Łukasz Kenig

Cover Concept by Grochu
Wydawca: Black Team Media Records

Premiera: 10.07.2014




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